90s Fashion Inspiration – Plus Size

Plus Size 90s Plaid Pant Outfits

I grew up in the 90s and was obsessed with the alternative/grunge fashion of the day. Unfortunately, a lot of the most iconic outfits back in the day weren’t available in plus size. I’m so excited to see the 90s aesthetic resurgence and get to participate wholly this time.

Plaid pants/leggings are ICONIC to the 90s and I was so excited to find two different plus size options so I can live my Cher Horowitz dreams.

Outfit 1: Black + White

Tara Jane Plus Size Style Dolls Kill plaid leggings

Outfit 2: Yellow Plaid

Tara Jane Plus Size Style Fashion Nove plaid leggings

Which outfit do you like best?

XO, Tara Jane


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