Hot Topic Twilight Shirt

Hot Topic Twilight Shirt Plus Size Outfits

I have no shame about being a Twilight fan and I was so excited when I saw another influencer (catplague) post this Edward Cullen shirt becuase I am Team Edward for life and there was no hesitation before I added it to cart.

To elevate my level of Twilight nerd, I’ve decided to name these outfits after characters in the book…sorry boys, I know this is un-resistible, but I’m taken…hahahaha

Outfit 1: Jacob

This outfit is super casual and minimal effort so I’m deeming it “The Jacob” (minus his aversion to Edward, of course).

Twilight Hot Topic Shirt Casual

Outfit 2: Jessica

I’m deeming this outfit “Jessica,” because it’s very unreciprocated obsession/please notice me. I also may or may not wear this on my next date night…😭

Twilight Shirt Plus Size Outfit

Outfit 3: Edward

This outfit is “The Edward,” because the blazer adds the layer of preppy I’d expect (although the face on his shirt would definitely be Bella haha).

Twilight Tee Shirt Blazer

Outfit 4: Bella

This outfit made me realize this hat isn’t for me and the hat isn’t “Bella,” but I think this long skirt and boots combo is very her so it’s still “The Bella” to me.

Edward Cullen Twilight Plus Size Shirt

Hat: Dirty Gal

Hot Topic Twilight Shirt Plus Size Outfits

Let me know which outfit is your favorite and feel free to comment below assuring me that you, too, are #TeamEdward haha

XO, Tara Jane


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  1. This is literally my favorite thing on the internet today, you win!

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    1. Hahaha


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