Affordable Spanx Leggings

Affordable Spanx Leggings


Target has an ASSETS by SPANX collection that has shapewear and leggings, which is super affordable and great, but more importantly they have FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS FOR $30!

Affordable Spanx Leggings Tara Jane Plus Size Style

I love that these leggings have the faux leather bottom with the wet PU look and the waistband is fabric so they have a bigger stretch and for me that offers the anchor needed for them to stay completely in place. They may not be as “sculpting” as the original SPANX leggings, but they definitely still pull you in and do I need to remind you again that they’re only $30?!

I’m wearing a size 1X (which is the largest they carry) and they fit me perfect. I’m generally a size 18/20 or 34/35 for reference.

Let me know what you think!

XOXO, Tara


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