Know Your Measurements – Plus Size Style Tip

Plus Size Style Tip Know Your Measurements

I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it: don’t be scared of your measurements!

Nothing makes me feel worse about my body then when I order something “in my size” that doesn’t end up fitting. The fashion industry isn’t fair to women. Sizing for men is universal so they never have to second guess if clothes will fit them. For women, not only do we have different sizing scales entirely (inches vs. sizes), but every brand has their own. A size 18 in one brand can be a size 22 in another or an XL in one brand and XXXL in another.

If you don’t believe this is an issue, I challenge you to go compare some size charts. Even in brands like Old Navy that are more size inclusive, they have a 1X that fits differently than an XL and a 2X is larger than an XXL…those should be the same sizes! With all these nuances how are we ever supposed to know, without verifying, what size fits us best? That is why I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to know your measurements.

Knowing your measurements means you’re not wasting time (or money) returning things and there are so many studies out there proving that if you look your best you FEEL your best.

I created this chart to show other plus size women how to find their measurements. Save it!

Plus Size Style Tip Know Your Measurements

Related: are you sick of necklaces never hitting where you expect them too, because the standard jewelry sizing chart doesn’t work for you? Save this handy chart I made showing what necklace lengths hit where on my plus size body.

In closing: don’t ever forget that you’re beautiful and that the number on the tag has absolutely nothing to do with your worth. If you focus on finding clothes that fit the way you want them to vs. the number you “think” you’re supposed to be, you’ll feel so much more comfortable, which in turn will make you feel exponentially more confident!

Positive Affirmations Tara Jane Style

XOXO, Tara


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