Spring Style – Plus Size Kaftan

Plus Size Spring Outfit | Tara Jane Style Kaftan

I originally found this kaftan through @shaynaslife this summer. She was using it as a swimsuit cover-up, but I absolutely fell in the love with the stripes and knew I would wear this in so many ways.

Plus Size Spring Outfit Inspiration:

Excuse my pale arms, they’ve been hidden under layer upon layer for months haha. I am loving the combo of the proportions of the vest and jeans as well as the wash of the jeans which adds texture to the all black base.

Plus Size Spring Outfit | Tara Jane Style Kaftan

Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

Boots: TOMS

Below is the original outfit I had put together for summer that I thought was worth re-sharing to show how easily this piece can transition to summer!

Plus Size Spring Outfit

XOXO, Tara


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