Cropped Vest – Plus Size Street Style

plus size cropped vest

A cropped vest is something I never thought I’d own, because “cropped” to me was simultaneous with “exposed midriff” and “skinny,” but I am so glad I told myself to shut up and bought it anyway.

Check out 3 street style looks with my new favorite clothing item below…

Outfit 1:

What I love about this outfit is how the cropped vest adds a point of interest to an otherwise very baggy 90s outfit.

Shirt: H&M

Boots: Dr. Martens

Necklaces: GLDN Layered + Long

Outfit 2:

This outfit is full on comfort. I do think the bodysuit adds some needed shaping.

plus size cropped vest

Bodysuit: SKIMS

Shoes: Vans

Outfit 3:

I think this outfit could easily have light jeans or a pop of color with the purse, but I’m a monochromatic creature of habit.

plus size cropped vest

Shirt: Gap

Shoes: Nike

Necklaces: GLDN Layered + Long

Purse: Portland Leather

Let me know which way you like the vest best.

XOXO, Tara


One response to “Cropped Vest – Plus Size Street Style”

  1. I’m loving outfit 2 the best! 🙂

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